Our Services

Cuts & Styles

Women’s Cut – $23

Women’s Cut/ Blow Dry – $25

Women’s Cut/ Style – $29

Men’s Cut – $19

Beard Trim – $5

Children Cut 0-K – $12

Children Cut 1st – 5th – $14

Children Cut 6th- 8th – $16

Wash & Style – $20

Specialty Style – $30+

Updo – $45+

Color :

Retouch – $45+

All Over Color – $55+

All Over Color w/ Foils – $75+

Highlight- One Color – $65+

Two Color – $75+

 Partial Highlight – $45+

+Additional Charge for Long & Thick Hair

Perms & Conditioning Treatments :

Perm W/ Cut – $65+

 Chemical Straightening – $90+

+Additional Charge for Long & Thick Hair


 Condition treatment – $30+

Keratin Smoothing Treatment – $58 Including cut

$45 W/O Cut

Nails :

 Basic Manicure – $25

Great for those on the go! This basic manicure includes a hand soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, buffering, a relaxing hand massage and a long lasting polish of your choice. Or a buffering to a natural shine is possible if you do not desire polish. 

Spa Manicure – $30

First we soak the hands in an almond milk bath. Next, we clean the nail plate. Soften , push, and clip the cuticle. File, shape, buffer and clean under the nails. After that there are four types of polish we put on the nails. 1.) Chip skip, to help the nail polish adhere to your nail. 2.) Base coat, so the polish lies evenly across your nail with no ridges. 3.) Two coats of your choice of color. 4.) Top coat, for a nice and shiny smooth finish. Last, we add a cuticle moisturizer to keep from any hang nails, then finish with a hand massage.

Shellac Manicure – $35

Shellac is the original power polish! It wears like a gel, but it can be taken off gently in minutes! With this fantastic manicure you still have your nail beauty basics, shaping, cuticle care, buffering and a relaxing hand massage, but the polish lasts twice as long. Whether you use cleaning products daily or are washing your hands constantly, it doesn’t lift or chip!

Shellac Polish – $15

We just take care of the polish, nothing else.

Shellac Redo – $20

Shellac Removal – $5

Prescription Nails – $40 

Prescription nails are fake nails that are shaped to fit your nail exactly. They can be covered with regular polish or Shellac.

IBX Treatment – $15

IBX is a natural nail strengthening system.  Under gel polish it creates a protective shield for the nail, and reduces white shots that tend to occur with gel polish.  It is a natural growth treatment that  toughens the upper layers of the nail plate.  With multiple treatments it will fill up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail plate and stronger nails.

Diva Tips- $35

Diva Tips is a white tip for a French Manicure but NOT an extension.

Nail Art – $5

Basic Pedicure – $30

Trim, clean and file toe nails. Push back cuticles and trim if necessary. Soften and buff calluses, rub in lotion with a light massage. Then polish

Spa Pedicure w/Mask – $45  

Trim, clean and file toe nails. Push back cuticles and trim if necessary. Soften and buff calluses, exfoliate and add a mask. Massage with lotion, then polish.

Toe Waxing – $5  

Massages :


Pre Natal:

A prenatal massage shares many of the goals of a regular massage- to relax tense muscle, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and to make you feel good! Our therapist does massages during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters! The first trimester you can be on your stomach, the 2nd and 3rd you are laid on your side for the comfortability of you and your little one!

Sports massage:

A massage just for our athletes! Sports massage focuses on muscles most relevant to the event. Sports massage may be used for stretching in order to help athletes to loosen warm and prepare their muscles. Or can even be used for injury rehabilitation!

Basic (Full body): 

A full body massage is one of the most commonly applied techniques for therapy. Many of those who have tried it have claimed it does balance the body, leaving a person feeling physically and mentally soothed. You can choose a full body or if you would like you can focus more on specific parts of your body to help soothe problem areas. The best part is you can choose from three different durations of time: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes.

30 Min. Massage – $35

60 Min. Massage – $50

90 Min. Massage – $65

Chair Massage – $1/Min.


Waxing :

Eyebrows – $15

Lip or Chin – $10

Underarm – $15

Arm – $25

Half Leg – $25

Full Leg – $50

Bikini – $35 

Male Back or Chest – $45

Full Leg and Bikini – $65